Beautiful private offices, shared workspaces, amazing community, and more. 

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Everything you need, and more.

Historic space. Inspired Community. Modern Luxuries.

Perfect for individuals or small to medium sized companies. Pay by the seat or get a private space for more customized needs. Modern indoor workspaces, lush outdoor garden workspaces with full access to ultra high-speed fiber optic internet, healthy, organic and fresh food prepared daily, intelligent and thoughtful community, and much more.

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Shared Workspaces

Beautiful, light, and modern shared workspaces. 24/7 building access, fresh and organic food lunches, inspired community, lush gardens, and much more.

Starting at $345

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Private Offices

Luxurious private offices for you or your team. 24/7 building access and comes with all Business and Social Membership benefits included.

Starting at $1000



Beauty and Function


Since 1978, we have strived to combine the best of the old and new to create an ideal environment offering inspiring spaces to work, meet and entertain. From the meticulously restored Victorian design of our original 1891 historic landmark, to the state-of-the-art fiber optic WiFi throughout our buildings and grounds, every detail is designed to create a comfortable and inspiring space for socializing, working, entertaining, thinking and more.


885 Arapahoe Ave. Boulder, CO.



Amazing Food


Since 2010, our Executive Chef, Maria Cooper has served delicious and wholesome Mediterranean-inspired food from organic, sustainable and often local sources. We claim to have the best food in Boulder, and prove it every day. City Club’s kitchen is the only commercial kitchen in Boulder with no food budget. We spend what it takes to provide the best food. Period. Explore the menus here:


RSVP for lunch and special events HERE.










Inspired Space

Make every day an inspired and productive day by deciding where you want to work and with whom you want to meet with. On a cold winter day, a seat next to the fireplace may be the way to go, while on a sunny summer day, a seat under an umbrella next to the fountains may be the ideal place to work. How about a wet sauna before starting work, or sharing a refreshing craft cocktail with a colleague after work from our own wine cellar?


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Social and Business

Each tier of City Club membership offers its unique benefits. If you seek community and want to meet and connect with other intellectually-dynamic and socially-motivated members of our community for meals, lecture and concerts, you might consider joining City Club as a social member. If you want a functional and aesthetically pleasing private office or a collaborative place to work, you might consider a business membership. Business members have 24/7 access to Highland coworking areas and enjoy all the benefits of social membership.












All In One

Located in the heart of downtown Boulder at the intersection of Gregory and Boulder Creeks, our award-winning gardens, spa, dining room, library, wine cellar and music room combine to create magical spaces in which to socialize and entertain. Our 50-seat amphitheater on Gregory Creek is an ideal place for lectures and social gatherings. City Club’s private offices and shared work spaces, along with six unique conference rooms and nine private phone booths, provide the efficient and well-lit spaces you need to work and be productive.






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Want to apply but not sure yet if the space is right for you? Feel free to schedule an in-person tour here and we'll gladly show you around.