05.10.19 | Anthony Levy

Anthony Levy was born in 1994 in California, raised in St. Louis and moved to Boulder in 2012 to begin his academic career at the Leeds School of Business. During school, Anthony started a non-profit called Bridges: Bridging Generations Through Technology Education, where he found his passion for forging intergenerational connections. Anthony graduated from CU in May of 2017.

Anthony is the newest member of The Grounds For Promotion team, a digital marketing agency founded by Jonathan Sackheim. Anthony specializes in digital advertising for the 4 person agency, , helping to continue their growth trajectory into the stratosphere! 

Anthony also manages the operations of his family business, Levytation Ventures, an investment firm that spans across industries such as Natural Foods, Real Estate and Cannabis. In his spare time, Anthony is the newest member of the Generation Exchange Team, a Colorado non-profit that enriches the lives of over 500 college students and older adults in Boulder. As the Development Director, Anthony is helping the Generation Exchange team expand their reach to Denver, Golden, and Fort Collins, CO. 

Anthony loves the outdoors, and feels that a grounded and spiritual life takes precedent over his day to day adventures. His wonderful energy, and bright smile, makes us feel at home at Highland. 

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