05.17.19 | Adriaan Zimmerman and Ret Taylor

We know City Club is the coolest community in Boulder because it has co-founding members like Ret Taylor and Adriaan Zimmerman of NED, a quality-focused natural CBD oil company.


Ret is a father, husband and an avid outdoorsman who is inspired by his passion for natural remedies, and empowered by his fourteen years as a successful entrepreneur. Ret has a lot more miles than years, including his work to bring environmental stewardship to Saudi Arabia, co-founding the Green Building Council of Brazil, which is the country's leading voice for sustainability, and has taught thousands of New Yorkers how to reconnect with nature and move naturally through the city's most popular Meetup group, MovNat NYC.  Most recently Ret spent a decade as Founder/CEO of one of the leading sales groups in the hospitality furniture vertical. Ret is most passionate about experimenting with and helping people thrive through the power of nature, nutrition and movement. 

Adriaan is a serial entrepreneur and brand-builder who was a founding Partner of BroBible.com, a popular men’s lifestyle and entertainment brand that grew to over 15 million readers per month. After BroBible was acquired by Uproxx Media, Adriaan assumed the post of Executive Director of The LADbible Group in the UK, the 4th most viewed global Media and Entertainment property in the world, where he was previously an advisor since inception. Adriaan is an avid traveler, photographer and writer, gaining recognition for his writings around his experiences with burning out and stepping away from the rat race. 

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