04.12.19 | Brin Enterkin


Brin hails from Georgia, where she grew up running through the rich pine forest and selling lemonade from the neighborhood corner on a thick summer day. With freckles and long brown hair, she knew more about the grooves of the creek running behind her house than the world behind her Southern borders. One day, shortly after missing the mark of achieving her high school goal of making the Variety Basketball team, she realized the world was in fact, much larger. On the news she watched a segment about the Cambodian dictator from the 1970's, Pol Pot. The news anchor charging the audience with the mandate to take charge and make a difference. She told her parents, at 16, she was going to build a school in Cambodia.They smiled and continued dinner. 

That day, over ten years ago, changed the course of Brin's life. After she built and dedicated the school in Cambodia to her parents, she continued a life of impact. She founded Ugandan based NGO, The African SOUP-- now making systemic impact in the education system across Uganda. She also co-founded a bow tie company, Lion's Thread. Brin settled here Boulder, after moving back to the United States in 2018. She works for Watson Institute and is driven to inspire young people to strategically build a life of impact. Look for Brin's bright smile on the 3rd floor.

Ian ReidComment