07.26.19 | Kay Allison

Kay is always engaged doing something new and cool. Her current company, Farm&Oven Snacks, makes veggies taste like cake, with each pack of soft, chewy mini-muffins containing 40% of the recommended daily veggies.

Kay’s last company created new product ideas for Fortune 200 companies based on creative and detailed market research. She also co-founded the Energy Annex in Chicago, a focus group facility which was voted a World Best Facility annually since its inception in 2004.

Kay first visited Boulder when she was 4, and remembers buying her first hiking boots at the Table Mesa shopping center. Camping and hiking in the Colorado mountains for three months each summer while growing up, Kay now considers Boulder her dream hometown and loves hiking, skiing and biking all year.

Kay majored in cello at Northwestern University, has a black belt in karate, and authored “Secrets from the Innovation Room,” all in preparation for raising three kids spaced 19 years apart. Kay is happily married to John Donicht who is also a City Club member.

Ian ReidComment