08.02.19 | Maria Brinck

Maria loves challenges; likes to push and to be pushed, believing within every challenge lies an opportunity to grow, which is why she became an Executive-Coach and Leadership Consultant. Maria believes we can overcome the challenges facing business and the world today by bringing out the best in each one of us. Her passion and focus are on individuals and teams' unique talents and strengths. In 2013, Maria founded Zynergy Coaching to help clients find their passion and focus in business.

As a devoted volunteer and an active member of IDA Africa, and as a Climate Change Leader and Mentor for the Climate Reality Leadership Corps, Maria cares deeply about the environment and speaks publicly on the importance of business leadership on climate change. In Cameroon, Africa while working with chimpanzees, she witnessed firsthand the collapse of an entire eco-system, in the name of business, and its effects on the people and animals that depended on it. Maria is committed to finding business solutions on climate change, to assure profitable business and a thriving planet for all.

Born and raised in Sweden, Maria now lives in North Boulder with her husband and two young children, and loves traveling "carbon neutral" to explore new places and cultures with her family.

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