07.12.19 | Help Us Celebrate!


Life is short, so we use every excuse to celebrate. A while back we ordered an estate urn from a British company for the new “Temple” in our garden. Since shipping concrete is expensive, we also bought a lovely whimsical Pan, who is the Greek god of wild, nature and music; picked up both ourselves and placed them deep in the hedges as you can see in the above pictures.

Since the gardens are at their peak, we plan to party hardy and have planned the following Happy Hour theme parties:

  • Friday 7/19: The theme is Hawaiian, so dig up your favorite Hawaiian shirt and come on over! We picked this theme because our new tenant, Grounds for Promotion, is hosting a private Hawaiian themed party with a band starting at 7 pm that you're welcome to listen to as well.

  • Friday 7/26: Based on sage advice from member John Moritz, we designated this Happy Hour as a “Hat Party,” so dress up in your best “garden casual,” wear your favorite and most outrageous hat (think Kentucky Derby), and join us to celebrate the two new great additions to our lovely garden.

Sina SimantobComment