08.24.18 | Introducing Nathalie Wilson

For the past few months we have been hammering home the message that we are finally done with construction, and are now focused on building our new team and growing our membership. 

Every winning team needs a star quarterback, and we have been looking far and wide to find ours to grow City Club to its potential. Well, I am pleased to announce we have hired Nathalie Wilson as our front of the house manager.

Born in a small Colorado ranching community, Nathalie left home at 17 to study philosophy and rhetoric at the University of Texas at Austin. Upon graduation, she passed-up a position with Estée Lauder to follow her dream of being a copy writer. After spending nine years in Chicago at Leo Burnett, one of the largest advertising agencies in the world, Nathalie caught the food bug and began moonlighting at Charlie Trotter’s, who in the 90s was considered the best chef in the world. Trotter’s was affectionately known as the Marine Corp of restaurants, and provided Nathalie with a solid foundation in hospitality. After mastering food, Nathalie studied oenology and became a Certified Sommelier. An odd accident involving a stubborn cork in a bottle of moscato sidelined her from the Somm world, so Nathalie studied to become a paralegal and spent the last few years working in mediation and family law.

While Nathalie appreciated law and the intensity that came with it, her heart was always in hospitality, so she thrives on creating memorable experiences and practicing the art of conversation. When she isn’t curating little pockets of life for those around her, she is most likely on her bike chasing another grand adventure. 

- Sina

Sina SimantobComment