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Member Monday

Hosted and Lead By: Steve Smith


This Week's Topic:

12.17.18 | Flawed? Us? Me?

Judge not. Seek first to understand. We humans are flawed. What makes us that way is the subject of our focus article (link: The Worst Of Human Nature), a very readable digest of the extensive research into that which makes us . . . . what, exactly?

Three philosophical views have prevailed historically on the subject of man and child development: the Original Sin (children born bad, necessitating societal constraints for proper development); Tabula Rasa (John Locke, children a blank slate); Innate Goodness (Jean-Jacques Rousseau, children born pure and should thus be left alone to grow naturally without societal contamination)…

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Groups, Events, and More!

Our diverse indoor and outdoor spaces can accommodate groups as few as two and as many as 600+. We host local organizations and global speakers, workshops on thought provoking subjects, talks from leading scientists, mystics, entrepreneurs and activists. We invite successful businessmen and aspiring politicians to share their ideas with us, and have been holding art exhibits for over thirty years. We have been a major sponsor of the Jaipur Literature Festival since inception, love poetry readings, and encourage our members to pick up a guitar to accommodate another member’s urge to sing. Our members get to play the piano when inspired, and we hire professional musicians to perform for and entertain our community members. We hold annual festivals for Boulder Symphony Orchestra, the Bach Festival, Bluegrass and Jazz performances, electronic music to dance to, and much more.

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We like to learn and have a good time. If you have an idea for an event, contact us with a brief description of under 100 words as to why your idea is a good fit, otherwise, just view our calendar below to see what programs are coming up soon.

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Private Events?

Yes we do. Submit your request here and our team will be in touch shortly.