09.28.18 | Barry L. Collen

Barry was born and lived in Brooklyn for the first 11 years of his life.  He considers that place and those years to be particularly formative.

His family then moved to Oceanside, Calif. where he lived through high school. After Stanford and during Harvard Law he married Tina Collen. They moved to LA where he practiced in Beverly Hills. They had two sons, Andy and Mark, with whom Barry remains quite close.

After eleven years. Barry moved the family to Aspen and never practiced law again. His marriage ended in divorce a couple of years later. (Tina was 19 and Barry 22 when they married; Tina’s dream was Paris not Aspen. They remain dear friends.)  The move to Aspen was motivated by an abiding desire to be an involved father to then grade school children in a small town and to pursue a love of the mountains and outdoor activities.

Barry became the primary caregiver for his sons and joined numerous charity boards including a school board which was particularly rewarding. A subsequent marriage to Jeanette Rockers with a residence in Greenwood Village near Denver ended with Barry and Jeanette remaining great friends.

Barry has been involved in myriad business ventures. These include remediating contaminated properties, venture capital, tax district financed real estate development and energy.  His business activities have been located in numerous states but primarily in Calif and Colo. Rather than retiring, Barry prefers new ventures where he can learn fresh domains and engage new people.

Barry has lived with his girlfriend, Lundie Guerard, for over a decade (with a few breaks of a year to a couple of weeks). They share a love of travel, spiritual inquiry and a wonderful attunement for a zesty life spiced with surprise in the world and each other.

Travel abroad a couple of times a year, Wales and Iceland most recently with Italy next month, is considered most fortunate and appreciated.

Barry’s current challenge is to muster the wisdom and courage to shed entrenched habits and views hopefully allowing truth to express however unruly or unsettling.

Books of the moment: Something in the Water, The Body Keeps the Score, Being Mortal

Barry hopes to continue meeting new friends at HCC. He finds our Club to be an uncanny collection of kindred souls sharing a penchant to march to our own drummer.  He asked that we include his salute to Sina for creating our community and the beautiful venue that holds us.

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