09.27.19 | Brady Robinson

Brady Robinson is a climber and conservationist. His career has included over a decade at Outward Bound and 11 years running the Access Fund, the national organization that keeps climbing areas open and conserved. He was recently hired as the Director of Strategy and Development for Tompkins Conservation, which creates terrestrial and marine national parks in Chile and Argentina, reintroduces missing species, conserves biodiversity, restores degraded lands, encourages environmental activism, and fosters economic vitality as a consequence of conservation.

Brady has a BA in philosophy and is interested in politics, public policy, and the challenge of maintaining an equitable society in the face of partisan politics and the global economy. He has served on a number of boards including Open Boulder, Outdoor Alliance, and Outward Bound Peace building. 

Brady has two daughters and is married to Lucia Robinson, who co-founded the Boulder-based Walden Hyde. He still climbs avidly and can often be seen running a lap on the First Flatiron over lunch!

Brady looks forward to meeting other City Club members and feels fortunate to be part of this community.

Sina SimantobComment