10.19.18 | Glenn Schroeder

In the Introduction, we mentioned the physics of the Flywheel, but did not expand on the concept. To begin with, it takes a lot of energy to get the flywheel going, after which it seemingly runs by itself effortlessly.

This week we celebrated the 15th anniversary of Glenn Schroeder’s employment at Highland City Club. Glenn acts as our “Controller,” but in fact he manages everything that has to do with money, insurance, property taxes; and maintains the half dozen licenses we need to operate. Glenn issues every monthly invoice you get and his accuracy score is a tad above 99%.

Though not an accountant, Glenn is an experienced cost engineer with 20-years of experience before he joined our team. Glenn is smart, honest, loyal, hard working, and has an amazing ability to work in the background without directing attention to himself.

It takes dedicated team members like Glenn to put their shoulder to the wheel and push hard year after year before the flywheel starts turning effortlessly. So next time you see Glenn, thank him for keeping our community’s books.

We thought about posting a picture of Glenn here, but then decided it is more telling to post a picture of his calendar from fifteen years ago when he started. Only Glenn would keep something like this, “just in case".

Ian ReidComment