08.16.19 | Sole Mingo-Ordóñez

Sole Mingo-Ordóñez is the VP of Operations and Customer Service for Peggy Markel’s Culinary Adventures, helping create food and culture-centered trips in Italy, Spain, Portugal, Morocco and India. A Business Member since January, she loves the interesting conversations over lunch and especially Nathalie’s wine tastings. She can usually be found working outside in the gardens or huffing and puffing her way to the 3rd floor.

A native of Argentina, Sole came to US at the age of 19 to study Hotel Management at Cornell University, followed by a culinary degree in Boulder. She has had a zig-zag trajectory involving a variety of travel, hospitality and food-related positions that have helped fuel her love of life and adventure.

Sole worked as a content producer for an online travel site when the internet was brand new; was a marketing expert and new product developer for large food companies; founded a pioneer meal prep service more than a decade before Blue Apron launched, and was the VP of Marketing for a luxury vacation rental company.

Sole will board a plane at the drop of a hat. An avid traveler and a seeker, she has walked through vast parts of Spain and Portugal following different routes of the Camino de Santiago. Her favorite thing in the whole world is hugging her kids.

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