05.24.19 | It Hurts So Good

In case you have not noticed it, we are going through a major growth phase and radical transition, and as a result we are dealing with a lot of chaos. From trying to find good employees to support our growth to the premature activation of our new parking system; from transitioning our operating platform to installing an electronic entry door system, we are totally reinventing ourselves and striving for perfection. Meanwhile confusion reins and though stressed, we love it, because we know this is a lot of pain and suffering for a great cause.

So if you reserved a conference room and got double booked; if you saw one price for a talk and got charged a different price; or if you got 60 official looking parking notices in the mail at home, just breath in deep and remember a) this too shall pass, and b) you are an integral part of an amazing experiment to build a community on the fly. 

I feel fortunate to have an amazing team in charge of this transition who are young, tech-savvy and aesthetically aware, including my son Dustin, our new Admin Director Keryn Schneider, Mr. Cool Dude Ian Reid, and our Ace Coder Sam Tarantino, to bring order to chaos, and digital savvy to our community. 

As Bob Dylan said, “he who ain’t busy being born is busy dying.” We may be suffering, but we feel alive because we are growing on many fronts.

— Sina.

Sina SimantobComment