06.07.19 | Spiraling Towards Perfection

Once again we are here to prove, "the only constant is change." A year ago we converted our clunky manual operating system to a state of art web-based operating system. We are now taking a giant leap forward by adopting a mobile-based operating system that allows a much better experience for our growing membership. To get a feel for how far we have come, please go to the IOS or Google Play store on your phone and download the "Highland | City Club" app. This app will allow you to manage many aspects of your club experience such as electronic entry door access, check-in, book a conference room, schedule meetings, participate in community forums, access full membership directory and much more as a seamlessly integrated experience on your phone. Access to this app is by invitation only and is exclusively available to Highland City Club members only.

We have already done most of the leg work for you by pre-loading your personal site with all the relevant and applicable information we have on you, including your name, email address, cell phone number, birth date, license plate number(s), bio, photo, WiFi credential, printer code and more, most of which will stay private to you as the account owner. 

Please click on the link below to claim, review and edit your information; since it is not legal for us to access your payment information from the old site, the only information you must add is your preferred method of payment so that starting July 1, 2019, we can fully transition to the new system.

To properly access your account, you must register with the same email address currently associated with your existing Highland City Club account. If you need a reminder which email address you used, please CLICK HERE to receive a reminder of your default email address on file. You will also receive a personal email invitation from Highland City Club x Optix to login to your account and finish setting up your profile.

If you need any help with this important transition, please contact us at adminteam@highlandcityclub.com or schedule a time directly for personal help getting setup or troubleshooting issues.


Sina SimantobComment