07.27.19 | Dog Days of Summer

By now most of us have had our summer vacations, are tired of the heat, and can’t wait for schools to start and ship out the kids. At City Club, we are planning for fall and want to give you a brief update on what’s going on here:

We are in the midst of making major staff changes in preparation for our post-construction growth phase. More details on this soon.

We are learning more about the limitations of our “Private Club Liquor License,” and what it means to our operation. Unlike a commercial restaurant and bar license, our liquor license is only good for “Members and their Guests.” More on this in the near future.

Grapes & Grass' events are scheduled for August 24 and 25 and is one of the highlights of our social calendar. Last year we had over 600 attendees, and this year we expect at least that many. We have secured special discounts for our City Club members for both days, so plan to RSVP as soon as the actual invitation is sent out. As such, there will not be a regular Happy Hour on Friday the 24th.

One of our 2-bedroom condos will be available as of October 1. We are looking for another long-term neighbor. So, if you know of anyone looking for a rare housing opportunity near Boulder Creek, please send them our way and get a finder’s fee.

Sina SimantobComment