11.23.18 | It Takes a Village

In the five years Carlos has been a member of Chef Maria's kitchen team, he has never missed a day of work for any reason! That’s an incredible record till you learn that on average Carlos puts in 58 hours a week to prep, wash dishes and spot clean the kitchen from top to bottom every Saturday. In addition, Carlos takes on outside maintenance jobs, and as an X-Rodeo Star in Mexico, he tends to seven horses in his ranch in Lyons, delivers calves and raises hogs. In short, Carlos is the poster child of the hard-working immigrants who have made our country the envy of the world.

Carlos was born in Lagos de Moreno Jalisco, a small Mexican village located at a high elevation with cold winters. Last week Maria told me Carlos is looking for extra hours to save money to maintain his tradition of sending $1000 back to his village for Christmas to pay for warm clothing and fuel for winter. When I heard about Carlos’s selfless goal, I told Maria I’ll pitch in $100 and ask others. That night I was having dinner with member David Chamberlin and told him the story; he immediately responded by saying count me in for the same.

Carlos works nearly 100 hours a week, is responsible for the quality of the food we eat, and still has time and energy to give to others. While Carlos may not be an American success story (see Frank’s obit below), for sure he is a Human success story, so if you want to contribute anything from $10 to $100 to his cause, just click the button below to email Glenn and he will charge your account for the amount you specify. And if the spirit of the holidays moves us to where our cup floweth over, Victor and Karla are standing by to help other families in Mexico have a great holiday season too.

– Sina.

Sina SimantobComment