11.30.18 | Year End Update

Year End Update

Endings are sacred; at City Club we pay special attention to them. 
As we approach the end of the calendar year and prepare to go into winter, we try to do two things well:

1. Look back, reflect and plan for the future.
2. Celebrate, have parties, eat and drink together, and be thankful for it all.

In the remaining three newsletters of the year, we plan to share with you A) a review of our progress in the past year so you can stay abreast of our progress, B) our updated website and Charter so you can see the tweaks we are making to our Rules & Regs, and C) our plans for the near future, and a preliminary succession plan so our community can continue to grow and prosper for many more years into the future.

Stay tuned.

– Sina

Sina SimantobComment