04.05.19 | More Club Upgrades

Our third floor co-working space provides our Business Members with over 50 “seats.”  Based on popular demand, we have created 12 “dedicated desks” throughout the building for members who want a permanent assigned desk. Next time you are in, take a look at the second floor north suite to see our latest addition.

We started our garden landscape project on December 13th, and hope to have it completed by May 4th for the Kentucky Derby event. This turned out to be a massive project, but by the time we are done, we will have upgraded our 40-year old garden infrastructure and will have 68 outdoor seats with crazy-fast WiFi, many electric plugs and phone chargers, lighting, and hopefully a permanent outdoor kitchen.

As many of you know, we plan to quadruple the size of our kitchen by expanding it into the current spa space so we can serve dinners and breakfast when we have the membership numbers to support it. Our schematic design of the kitchen is complete and the architects are working on the working drawings. We plan to start this renovation as soon as we secure our building permit, which in Boulder means “ in the not so near future!”

Finally, we have re-hired the law firm of Dill & Dill in Denver to apply to the city to upgrade our liquor license from a “Private Club” to “Lodging & Entertainment,” allowing us to host various public events without the need to secure a special license for each.

In short, we are still busy morphing Highland from a luxury office to a private social and business club, and the growth in our membership is a positive reaffirmation that our plan is working.

Thank you for your continued moral and financial support of our Highland Community.

— Sina.

Sina SimantobComment